08 July 2011


  1. hi- hope you guys are great. the sun is finally shining, thank god!
    your blog looks good, how did you get the photos to be big?
    i showed john your video of pate pate and now we are charged up to make it there.
    xo g

  2. Hi G- thanks for the words. When I make a new post, after uploading the photos you double-click on the photo and you get the option.
    Come on over, and bring your whole shop....you could sell everything you have in it here twice-over! XO

  3. Photo credit would have been nice. If you're going to use someone else's art, please consider this in the future. Thanks.

  4. Hi Jamen- as I specified on the side bar, I give credit whenever I can find it. So please, if you have some information, share it with me so that I can do so! Otherwise, I will be happy with removing the photo.