28 February 2010

That Damn Crazy Moon

A Deviation.....

I returned to Portland for a visit a few days ago. Earlier this evening, I went to my large storage area, where almost everything I own in the world is, and discovered it had been ransacked. It turns out the back-up key & code had been unknowingly stolen, and the thieves tore everything apart looking for treasure. To the extent of the damage, I do not yet know.

I have spent my life collecting these things. Ultimately, they are that - "things". But they were chosen carefully. Handmade. Old. Rare. Refined. A true momento of a place in time. To see all those objects of beauty trashed was shocking. When I saw an object that had survived the bombings of Japan only to be carelessly crushed, it crushed me. I would gladly have let these things go, given them as gifts back out in the flow. We don't own anything, as they say, just get things for a short time. But mindless destruction and waste......obscene.

I know that these things happen for a reason. I'll mourn, and move on, and I will have more room for the things of the future. But for the next short period of time, I will be weeping over the loss of some old friends.

20 February 2010

In The Bath

My least favorite thing about our apartment is the closet bathroom; no window, no tub, no air, no light. The only bonus is that one can shave their legs while sitting on the toilet lid while still in the shower. Anyways - after a window, the thing I miss most is a tub. Half my time in the US will be spent in bathtubs.

17 February 2010


The glorious calligraphy of Hassan Massoudy. The top one reads, "Love understands all languages."

12 February 2010

11 February 2010

10 February 2010

McGinley All Over

Ryan is blowing up! Not that it's any surprise. These are from the Opening Ceremony - Levi's collaboration, in stores today.