19 October 2009

Faux Polaroids

And if you don't currently have a polaroid camera, you can always fake it with Poladroid


Another lovely site to spend much time looking through for inspiration.

17 October 2009

What I Want to Wear Now

Now that I am even closer to the Arctic Circle, I am more obsessed with staying warm while looking good at the same time. The warmth will win, however, if I must choose sides.

14 October 2009

The recent past

I try to be a Be Here Now person, and feel successful for the most part. But I have to admit, coming across another blog showing a past venture, that I took tremendous pride in being a part of, did pluck at my heart strings.

Thanks to Austere Chic

08 October 2009

Dansk Cool

Look at this man. He is so damn cool, and in a seemingly-effortless way. The way it should be.