28 December 2009

Clean Living

These photos show spaces that are as minimal as I could get. I generally feel more at home surrounded by odd trinkets and totems that I have collected over the years.

26 December 2009


Image taken from a locally-published book on the old houses of Røvig, showing pictures of the house where my mother was born and my grandmother was raised. We are headed up there to quietly celebrate the New Year, amongst the pine & sand dunes.

24 December 2009


I wish I could find a copy of Christmas Story, but I don't think it ever came to Denmark. It's too bad, because Ralphie looks like a dorkier version of my beloved when he was a boy.

22 December 2009

Last Winter

34530026, originally uploaded by fotolita. from my flikr page
It is amazing, what can happen in a year's time.

19 December 2009


From my design archives. All of this windows really do it for me.

16 December 2009

That's How The Light Gets In

a) Tattoo on my beloved's arm

b) A towel by Raf Simmons

c) Brilliant lyrics by Leonard Cohen

15 December 2009

Knud Rasmussen's Photos

Photographs on display at Knud Rasmussen's house. I am not sure if it is he who took them, or if it was another photographer on the same expedition.

Knud Rasmussen's House

Across the fjord from my mother's summerhouse is the town of Hundested. On a clear day, on the highest hill, you can see the final home of Knud Rasmussen, the "father of Eskimology". It is a beautiful place(these photos do not begin to capture, as we were on a long bicycle ride and I only had my pocket digital) and worth a trip to visit if you are ever in Denmark and are into this sort of thing.

10 December 2009

A Natural History Of The Senses

One of my favorite books of all times, it caused me to ingest life more fully. If you haven't read it, go buy it. You won't regret it.

08 December 2009

When All Else Is Grey...

Heath Ceramics

I love Heath Ceramics, however, I figured I would find a good replacement here in Copenhagen. Since I have yet to find that, I will continue to pine from afar.

It's funny how much joy can come from a well-made mug, nestled morning after morning in your hand, so warm on a cold winter morning.

Kensington Blues

This is Jack Rose, who I just heard for the first time this morning. He just passed away. What a gift he shared!

via RFTH

Never Mind The Guy.....

... it is the apartment that catches my eye. The carpet! The signage! The industrial furniture!

(from an old NY Times photoshoot, taken about 2 years ago)