30 January 2010

At the Løppe

Oh how I love the weekend, if for nothing else then the possibility of a Danish flea market. Excellent hunting today. We bought the blue/red chair & the two German pottery pieces, along with a couple of tools & a silver candelabra. We passed on the cast candleholder (a little pricey), the display boxes (not enough wall space to spare) and the silver oil lamps (lovely but not needed).

29 January 2010


I saw the fifth photo in the NYT today, a mini-library fashioned out of a closet and glass door. It reminded me of the other library photos in my collection. If we ever have a spare closet (not holding my breath), I would like very much to copy it.

26 January 2010


In 3 weeks, we have a photos shoot at our apartment. It is not as ready as I would like! In a perfect situation, it would be in the Autumn, after I get all my things from the US.

The bedroom needs some help. Here are some inspirations.

A Couch

The sideboard is great as well.

24 January 2010

23 January 2010

Axe Art

From Best Made Co. As soon as we get a summerhouse, and need to clear back the firs. I would hand them like a bouquet to my man.