30 April 2010

Two on a Triumph

I used to ride motorcycles. Often. But after two somewhat-serious accidents (neither times with me as the driver), I felt it was time to give it up. For ten years, with one minor exception, I have not been on a bike, until yesterday. Dan's bicycle was in the shop, and he had borrowed his brother's Triumph. It was a glorious day, and we only had a short period of time together. I sucked it up, got on the back, wrapped my arms around him and off we went. It was, in a word, Heaven.

Just please, don't tell my mother.

(All images courtesy of The Selvedge Yard)

Critical Mass - Budapest

Tilt & Shift Critical Mass from daniel fiantok on Vimeo.

I love tripping out over shift-tilt lenses. It makes me feel like a child.

Found here

Mercury Retrograde

It is a good time to be extra-mindful about communication. Read more about it here

23 April 2010

Capsule Lights

I have had these lights bookmarked for some time. I still like them!

Can be purchased here

21 April 2010


Our first houseguests are due to arrive in June, so we need a new couch. Since we are the types to do so, we will build one from scratch, utilizing a nice firm latex mattress that can sleep two. Even though this collection is a bit all over the board, there is something to like about all of them.

Ashley Watson

I saw these bags years ago, when I first visited Vancouver, B.C. I still would like one. See more here.

(And beautifully, all of her goods utilize recycled leather.)

20 April 2010

Norwegian Wood

One day, we will have the sweetest, smallest summerhouse, and it will look something like this.

15 April 2010

OK Go!

I will never grow out of loving this kind of stuff.


We fell over a sweet little shop in San Francisco called Revolver. They just opened a couple of months ago. I was just looking on their site and saw this lovely jacket that they did not have at the time, or else I would have bought it. Just gorgeous.

14 April 2010

Kenton Sorenson Leather Goods

Super nice stuff found here

The Flea Markets of France

It is still a few months away, but I am already looking forward to this year's crop of French flea markets. These are some images I took at last year's market in Lille. I'll show some things we did buy in situ.

13 April 2010

Andreas Hansen sofa

I don't know how old this piece is, but the designer is still around. He doesn't seem to do stuff like this anymore, though.

10 April 2010

An Alphabet

...by William Nicholson. We stopped in Olympia WA for a coffee break, and saw this in an antique shop. It was too expensive for me , but the pictures were very well done.

09 April 2010