25 November 2011

Tumblr Treats

The trouble with Tumblr is I don't know where any of these great photos come from.

On another note - I am spending more time on Pinterest. That's where I post design, architecture, and fashion. 

21 November 2011

Sorry It's Been So Long

Things have been a bit busy here. Building the new gallery, then suddenly getting a chance to build a café, so gallery on hold. Then a quick trip to NYC and a wedding. Add a puppy and school. Something had to give! But soon, starting next month, I will be back. 

Above - just some favorite moments over the past month.

19 October 2011

I Love NY

I am off to NYC for 10 days. When I come back, I will get back to this blog.

My dear, my darling one, I wish you were coming along. Missing you will keep me warm.