28 November 2009


Here in Copenhagen, the opportunity to find beautiful old hand-made tools are relatively common. We buy as many as we can. What makes me happy? We actually use them!

26 November 2009


I would very much like to find one of these in the flea market someday. My feet would love to dive into this after swinging out of bed in the morning.

Glass Is Liquid

Glass Is Liquid. from Mike Call about Andi & Justin of Portland.

25 November 2009

The Sexiest Woman Alive

Time & gravity only seem to benefit the luscious Fanny Ardant. And as she grows older, her purr of a voice & her comfort with herself only fuel her appeal. It is why I think she is the sexiest woman alive.

18 November 2009

Keeping Dry

In the ten years (!) I lived in the Pacific Northwest, I never had a pair of wellies. I only bought a half-decent raincoat in the last year I was there. The onslaught of a wet Danish winter has changed all that. Luckily, there is a large selection of good-looking gear.

Sruli Recht raincoat
Manufactum felt liners
Le Chameau wellingtons

16 November 2009

Lust For Light

A North-facing roof/wall of windows - yes please and thank you

Aussie Digs

I took these (not-so-great) photos of an Australian design magazine a few years ago. As the days grow increasingly shorter, I drool over light-filled spaces even more.

12 November 2009

The Beauty Of the Handmade

As someone who so reveres the hand-made object, I really should make more things myself. Long winter nights ahead seem a good opportunity.

03 November 2009

Full Moon, Full Heart

Even though I can't see it through the cloudcover, I surely can feel it.