11 July 2010

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365 days ago, I met you - the love of my life. I moved halfway around the world for you, and would do it again ten times over.  You've taken me to Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Stockholm. You've turned my life upside down and inside out. You blew me apart and created something brand-new and yet utterly familiar. You are everything I've always wanted, and everything I've ever needed. 

We are my favorite love story of all time.

Here's to another 44 years, my love!


  1. Hooray for bliss!!!!

  2. wow! hooray for love and all the souls that find each other....

  3. It's been forever since we last spoke...but I had to tell you that I love some of your photography...raw - beautiful - lovely! Awesome work!