12 May 2010

Dear Winter Coat...

Dear Winter Coat....

When we first met, I knew that you were the one for me. Your beautiful warm grey color went so well with my color palate, that giant hood I knew was going to give me good shelter during a sudden snowfall, those deep two-sided pockets....... you were perfect.

I haven't stopped feeling those things. Honest. You are all of that, and more. But I think we need some time apart. Our relationship has grown stale, predictable. Perhaps I'm starting to take you for granted. All I know is this - I stick my head out of the window, praying that it will be warm......but it's not. And I feel my heart sinking, knowing that Once Again you will be on my back.

It's not you. Truly. And it's not me. We just need a break, for about....I don't know, six months perhaps?

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