28 February 2010

A Deviation.....

I returned to Portland for a visit a few days ago. Earlier this evening, I went to my large storage area, where almost everything I own in the world is, and discovered it had been ransacked. It turns out the back-up key & code had been unknowingly stolen, and the thieves tore everything apart looking for treasure. To the extent of the damage, I do not yet know.

I have spent my life collecting these things. Ultimately, they are that - "things". But they were chosen carefully. Handmade. Old. Rare. Refined. A true momento of a place in time. To see all those objects of beauty trashed was shocking. When I saw an object that had survived the bombings of Japan only to be carelessly crushed, it crushed me. I would gladly have let these things go, given them as gifts back out in the flow. We don't own anything, as they say, just get things for a short time. But mindless destruction and waste......obscene.

I know that these things happen for a reason. I'll mourn, and move on, and I will have more room for the things of the future. But for the next short period of time, I will be weeping over the loss of some old friends.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your things, Natasha. But this is a beautiful post.